Rental Policies

Gardiner Hardware Rental Policy:

Requirements for all rentals:

1. Must be 18 year or older.

2. Must have a valid photo ID (Driver's License, State or Military issued ID or Passport).

3. Must register as a Member @ (Its quick and free - signup here).

4. A billing agreement secured with a bank issued credit / debit card in Member's name may be required for certain large rentals. (This is not required for DVD & Game Rentals)

Rental periods begin at time of pickup and end at the time of drop off.

Rental example for 3 nights:

Pickup by 5:30pm Friday - return by 5:30pm on Monday.

Rental example for 5 nights:

Pickup by 5:30pm Friday - Return by 5:30pm Wednesday.


First Time Rentals / New Members (without billing agreement needed):

DVDs & Games = Up to TWO (3) items.

Tools = Up to $50.00 of Buy / Purchase value as posted for sale on or otherwise specified on the Rental Pickup Receipt.

Limits for Future Rentals - Negotiable based on individual Members' needs.

Thing to Remember:

Rentals should be returned in the same condition as they were in when checked out.

Member assumes all responsibility for the rental item during time period of checkout and drop-off.

There is a friendly 24hr grace period on all rentals. We understand oversites happen, life is busy and we appreciate you choosing to do business with us. A little forgiveness can go a long way sometimes.

A per day fee will be applied to Member's account for each day late up to the current full on site full purchase option price. DVD/GAMES = $1.00 per day, TOOLS = $ (Variable - See Rental Pickup Receipt)

Damaged, lost, stolen or unreturned rentals will be invoiced for the full value of the rental as specified on rental pickup receipt.

Fees for late, unreturned or damages to rental items will be applied to Member's Account.

All unpaid rental fees are invoiced monthly and payment is expected within 7 days. A 5% late fee is applied to past due invoices.

Unpaid / Past Due accounts may result in revoked or limited privilege to rent and or use other Member services. Check your Account Balance

Balances 90 days or more past do may be referred to a 3rd party collection agency.

Upon first rental pickup, Members will agree to sign an acknowledgement of these rental terms and submit the required form of valid identification to add to Member file.

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